Turnbull Engineering is a fast growing team of exceptional professionals.

Our shared purpose is to have an impact, be proud of it and enjoy it.

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Jump-start your career

If you’re an engineering graduate who seeks out challenges, embraces opportunity and desires to shape the world around them, we want you to explore our Future Cities Shaper program.
At Turnbull Engineering, your experience will be diverse and dynamic to gain a broad understanding of the engineering sector and options available to you. Over a three-year period, you will explore each discipline Turnbull has to offer and gain knowledge from senior members of your teams. Your development will explore learning modules aligned to the skills required to enable success in the delivery of complex, interesting projects.
You are the future of the consulting engineering industry.

What will your experience at Turnbull be?

You’ll begin as a generalist and be placed in the thick of the action, as you work side by side with some of the best technical experts in the industry.
Every day is different, but in a typical project, you will be tasked with information gathering, analysis, and development of discrete elements. This work is all directly related to the final deliverable of the project, which illustrates how quickly you are given responsibility and high-impact work in consulting. After accumulating appropriate experience, you will take responsibility for supervising more junior team members.


To apply, you’ll need to submit the following items in PDF format:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Academic transcript

Apply here before 5pm on 1 May 2020.