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John Ekechukwu

Civil Engineer

About John

I’m a Civil Engineer and Learning & Development Lead at Turnbull Engineering. I started my career as a construction engineer working on subdivisions for developments including Eden Fields, Blighton Estate, Breeze Estate, Biara Grove, as well as the Norwest Retirement Homes. However, I decided to pursue a career in engineering and design consultancy, because I wanted to expand my knowledge and test my problem-solving acumen within a new environment.

“What drew me to Turnbull Engineering was the high-performance team mentality. When meeting the team, I immediately realised that the focus was not to follow industry standards but to set them.”

Since joining Turnbull Engineering, I have worked on a multiplicity of complex projects involving uncertainties, time and cost pressures, interpersonal and organisational relationships and interactions with clients and other stakeholders.

My most recent project was WestConnex 3B Rozelle Interchange Subsurface Work, which I was responsible for leading a team of utilities engineers in the delivery of complex utilities design. I have also been involved in a variety of engineering and design services including; drainage design, flood modelling, road design, pavement design, design management, asset management, as well as my most recent operational role as Learning & Development lead.

My biggest piece of advice is to understand that your entire career is completely state dependent. If you develop a state of mind that focuses on learning, having an impact and being proud of that impact, you will never cease grow.