Coppabella Wind Farm

Client: Goldwind Australia

Project: Coppabella Wind Farm (formerly Yass Valley Wind Farm)

Year: 2016

Goldwind is one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers.

Turnbull Engineering undertook a Civil Balance of Plant Concept Design for the wind farm proposed by Goldwind in the Coppabella Hills of NSW. The design included 50km of greenfield access roads and earthworks pads for 79 turbines and construction and maintenance areas.

Turnbull Engineering also developed and delivered two types of virtual reality visualisations for the project, a fly-through video and a real-time rendered simulator. The latter being an innovative new type of visualisation that helped each land owner explore the project in detail from their chosen perspective (often on the ground or their residence) rather than flying past overhead.

Coppabella Wind Farm